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Suozzi Appointed Co-Chair of Bipartisan Long Island Sound Caucus

March 15, 2017
Press Release

 Following through on his commitment to preserve and protect the Long Island Sound, Congressman Tom Suozzi was named Co-Chair of the bipartisan Long Island Sound Caucus. He will serve as co-chair alongside Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) and Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY).


“The Long Island Sound is our national park and a treasure, not only for its beauty but for the wildlife it inhabits and its diverse ecosystem. I’m thrilled to join my fellow co-chairs and look forward to continuing the bipartisan work of this caucus,” said Suozzi.


His appointment drew praise from local environmental leaders:


“Now more than ever, we need strong, dedicated federal leaders to work together in a bipartisan effort to protect and restore Long Island Sound. The Sound is an economic engine and an environmental treasure. The Sound is getting cleaner and safer. Strong Congressional leadership will ensure this progress is continued and we don’t go backwards. We are delighted that Congressman Suozzi will be working in this new capacity to fight for continuing the funding of restoration efforts for our Long Island Sound. Congressman Suozzi’s knowledge, voice and tireless determination will be an asset to the Long Island Sound preservation efforts,” said Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment.


“Congressman Suozzi’s appointment ensures that a dedicated environmentalist will have a voice on the future of Long Island Sound,” said David Reisfeld, Executive Director of the Long Island Environmental Voters Forum.


Suozzi Goes on CNN, Promotes “Common Sense for Common Good’


Congressman Suozzi laid out his case for his “Common Sense for the Common Good” agenda last night by encouraging people to find common ground on the issue of abortion. He joined CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera, where he discussed the details of his op-ed that ran in Newsday last week. In the op-ed, he called for both sides of an emotional issue to find common ground to work together to try and reduce the number of abortions. The full interview can be seen here.


“The American people want Congress to stop yelling and screaming at each other and start listening to one another so we can solve problems, and I think this is a way to do it. I’m going to continue spreading this message so we can finally get some things done and make a real positive difference in the lives of women and children across our nation,” said Suozzi.


Suozzi on Russia and Putin: “They can’t mess with us.”


On Thursday, Congressman Suozzi offered remarks and probing questions at a House Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Russia and their influence on U.S. elections. His statement and questions can be seen here.


“We have to make it clear that Russia can’t mess with us. We must implement sanctions against all financial players trying to undermine free and fair elections here and abroad, and an independent investigation is the only way we’re going to get to the bottom of this. Everyone agrees Vladimir Putin executed an operation designed to influence our elections. So this isn’t a Democratic issue or a Republican issue – it’s an American issue,” said Suozzi.


Opposes GOP Health Care Plan in Floor Speech


Additionally, Congressman Suozzi spoke out against the Republican health care plan on the floor of the House of Representatives. His speech can be viewed here.


“Unfortunately, the plan the Republicans have offered and that is supported by the President was written in secret, kept under wraps, and is now being rushed through marathon subcommittee sessions so the American people don’t have a chance to actually see what’s in this bill. So instead of pushing through a bill that we know will result in rising premiums and throw people off health care, let’s come together and find a solution that makes sense for all Americans,” said Suozzi.


Testifies on Bethpage Plume and Quiet Skies to Seek Federal Funding


Congressman Suozzi gave two testimonies last week in front of House Appropriations subcommittees. His first testimony focused on Congress’s responsibility to fund cleanup efforts for the Bethpage Plume.


“People have been dealing with this for over 40 years – enough is enough. I hope my testimony made it clear how serious this situation with the Bethpage Plume has become and that Congress needs to invest in cleaning it up now,” said Suozzi.


His other testimony dealt with the unacceptable noise levels residents living near JFK and LaGuardia Airports are dealing with on a constant basis. Congressman Suozzi called on Congress to fund health studies to fully understand the discomfort people are living with. Congressman Suozzi is Co-Chair of the bipartisan Quiet Skies Caucus.


“People who are suffering from unacceptable levels of air traffic and helicopter noise deserve some peace and quiet. My testimony was designed to help them get that peace and quiet, so I hope Congress seriously considers my recommendations,” said Suozzi.


Attends Several Events on Queens and Long Island


Congressman Suozzi also spent a lot of time with residents of Queens, Nassau and Suffolk. He stopped by the Queens Democratic Committee Women's Luncheon, the Glen Cove PTA Luncheon in Bayville, the Sikh Gudwara, the St. Patrick's Parade in Huntington, the Davita Dialysis Center in Hicksville for Kidney Month, and the Nassau Candy facilities.


“Of all the things I do, spending time with my constituents and listening to their stories and concerns means the most to me. It impacts what I do back in Washington and how I can try and make their lives better,” said Suozzi.